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Affiliate partner; a difficult name for a great opportunity!

You become one of our valuable ambassadors and will be selling our XeloQ services and products to your own customers.

After selling our VoIP services you will receive a kickback fee over the phone calls made by our mutual customers. In this way you can make money and piggyback on the success and quality of XeloQ without major investments.

A perfect coöperation
An Affiliate partnership is perfect for you if you run your own business and getting more and more questions about VoIP / Internet telephony. You can then offer your customers our high quality and low priced IQ Telephony services and products. This is good for your financial situation but also for your reputation. Furthermore, it will mean a hassle free cooperation. You provide your customers with the best of the best and they will use our back-end VoIP services. This means they are not asking you for assistance but they come to us. And that saves you a lot of time.

Your earnings – 5 up to 10% on all your referrals’ payments to us
When you run a business and you sell XeloQ VoIP hard- and software, you will be able to make your own margins on it. In addition you will make money on installing and configuration the VoIP hard- and software.

But there’s more. If your customers have an account with XeloQ they will pay for their credit or the purchase / usage of Dutch or foreign telephone numbers. You will receive a kickback fee on all the money that each customer is paying XeloQ for their account. This applies to all services that your customers will be buying from us.

If this is something you like, let us know so we can assign you the Affiliate status today and it will be in effect immediately.

Other Coöperation Models – maybe even start your own Telephony Services?
Immediately after receiving your information, our sales team will contact you to make an appointment. In person or by telephone. Or just through email. We can then discuss all benefits for each coöperation model (branded reseller or Affiliate partner) so you can choose the form of cooperation that best suits you. XeloQ provides various forms of cooperation where your earnings can reach up to 50% (as branded reseller).

I have no business; what should I do now?
If you do not run a business, no worries. It would be a great way to get completely FREE calling credit yourself; you probably would like that! We just deposit the kickback-fee into your own XeloQ calling account. Free calling is what you get!

Just fill out ‘I am a consumer & your XeloQ SIP account’ at the Company name and we will get back to you.

Ready to start as a XeloQ Affiliate Partner now?
Great! Fill out the form and we will get back to you asap! Thank you!

Request form Affiliate Partner

FIll this out, be so detailed as possible and we will get back to you. Thank you!

  • For companies only (if applicable).
  • Just ask us what you would like to know or what kind of Affiliate kickback-fee is in it for you. Also tell us if you already have hands-on VoIP experience and VoIP sales & installation knowledge.


Need more info?
If, after consulting all our website pages, our Facebook and Blog, you still have more questions, just contact us here or through the Live Chat below on each webpage (only on availability of our employees).

Nice to start doing business!
Team XeloQ IQ-Telephony