Looking for a new Telecom provider that saves you lots of money and offers you more?

XeloQ-Private-Home-VoIP-Phone-CallingA lot of consumers have relatives and acquaintances abroad or in other states meaning huge telephone bills. Your current landline operator mostly offers you very expensive International or local calls and very often you ask yourself:  isn’t there a solution available that saves me money and in the same time offers me greater functionality

Yes there is. Good that you found XeloQ IQ-Telephony. We are here to help you to make savings up to 90% – just by using one of easy to use VoIP services. 

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VoIP Lite – make telephone calls using your PC, IP Telephone or SmartPhone
Similar to Skype. But quite a bit cheaper and with a lot better support. Make your calls using the free PC SoftPhone / SmartPhone app or an IP-telephone. Which is quite cheaper either. Click on VoIP Lite on the sitebar and continue reading…

Mobile calling with a 90% discount – also Internationally
Use your Smartphone and WiFi / 3G / 4G connection to make calls using the same VoIP Lite account in your mobile. Kicks in handy when you’re travelling or on a holiday. Check out how to that at the Mobile VoIP menu choice on the left.

XeloQ Hosted VoIP  – FREE offer for private and SOHO use – replace your current provider!
Say goodbye to your expensive private / SOHO Telephone Exchange & landlines and get one for free! We offer you our sophisticated Hosted PBX system which means you do not longer need your own, traditional PABX and expensive land lines! Click on the Free Hosted PBX link on the left and get yourself going! You will get much more than you’ll ever dreamed of.

Telephone numbers – bring along your own local number or get an International number!
Kick out your old landline, your old provider and say goodbye to expensive calls. You can bring along your current telephone number in most of Europe & USA or even buy anothe telephone number in like 90 countries. You can really make the switch to VoIP. Savings up to 90% and in combination with Hosted VoIP a splendid idea.
Get started at the Telephone numbers link on the sitebar. Enjoy!

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