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On your quest for a new telephone exchange or telephony from ‘The Cloud’ followed by confusing information from ‘another’ (Hosted) VoIP operator it became perfectly clear to you: they are unable to fulfill your needs. So where to go now?

Hopefully wé can help you, nice to meet you.
We are XeloQ IQ-Telephony.

We’re a worldwide operating Internet Telephony provider in business since 2002. With a portfolio of 10.000’s customers in more than 90 countries worldwide, we at XeloQ have comprehensive knowledge about VoIP and all related internet telephony technology.
We know what it takes to run your business using VoIP and we adapted our products and services to match that. We’ve learned what is really important for you and your business and we are here to share that with you. We called our telephony XeloPhony by the way. Because it just sounds funny.

If you wanna coöperate with us we’d like to keep things simple. We don’t like to waste your precious time with offers having countless pages with useless information but we’d rather get to the point directly. When you give us a call or email with our sales team we listen to you carefully. Having tens of years of telecom and ICT experience converts the conversation in a lean and mean analysis of your telecommunication needs. After that we’ll get back to you with a clear and thorough but simple proposal backed by just one alternative offer. Just the way you like it.

Internet Telephony probably won’t need an introduction. It’s been around for a while and it is the future already. Which is obvious: you will face a cost reduction of 80-90%, you can say goodbye to your land lines and old exchange and will start using one or more of the solutions shown below. All in the way you want it and with flexible functionalities whenever you need it. Like you always wanted: PHONE YOUR OWN WAY.

Check out one of the possible solutions that suits your business needs below