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Our other VoIP based solutions – yes there is more…
XeloQ other VoIP solutions
Besides all the services and products mentioned on the website, we do a lot more.
We briefly summarize them here. Just contact us by email or through the Live Chat below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Unified Communications (UC)
The magic word nowadays. But what is it? It is simple. Basically nothing more than a cloud based solution for all the modern communication methods like voice (telephone calls), emails, messaging (SMS, WhatsApp, Ping), video-chats, online collaborating, working on shared documents / projects and faxing bundled together and available on all devices like tablets, smart phones, PC’s or IP telephones. Got it? If not, read this Wepopedia definition.

Mostly UC implementations are hardware-based running on Microsoft Lync, CIsco, 3CX or Mitel platforms. XeloQ does all the SIP trunking in these systems so taking care of all the backbone SIP communications creating a huge 90% savings on telephone calls. We already launched many successful Lync, 3CX & Cisco UC implementations together with international & local enterprise customers. Ask us for details

Callcenter solutions
Together with our partners, we offer turnkey inbound- and outbound call center solutions mostly based on a ‘per seat’ price. All based on a XeloQ SIP trunk from the callcenter system. Ask us for details.

Hotel solutions
Just become a branded, white label reseller and manage each hotel room with an IP phone. Make your own margins, switch your entire hotel to VoIP, gain more functionalities and be much more flexible! Ask us for details.

CallShop solutions
Start your own, FREE, ‘non-branded’ call shop in 30 minutes; just take a look at www.EZCallShop.com!

Calling Cards 
Make international phone calls using your own (mobile) phone, call into a local telephone number, enter your PIN code and save up to 90% on your calls; PHONE YOUR OWN WAY.
Ask us for details.

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