3CX in the Cloud

3CX in the Cloud – your own Hosted 3CX telephone exchange in ‘The Cloud’

Get yourself a powerful 3CX virtual telephone-exchange running in 3 strictly secured datacenters. 3CX is a very known IP PBX (a.k.a. Hosted PBX, Managed VoIP) in business since 2006 and this version is ‘The Cloud’ version. When using 3CX in the Cloud will be freed from investments and expensive maintenance.


This will just cost you € 14,99 per month including 1 local telephone number and 10 extensions!
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This 3CX cloud version is available for SOHO workers & small business. It is the next step up if you’d like to migrate from VoIP Lite when you’re looking for expanded functionalities our VoIP Lite service does not deliver. Another great thing is that internal extension calls are free of charge (even if the offices are spread across the globe).

Make and receive calls with a fixed IP Telephone or 3CX sofphone on PC, Mac or your Smartphone. Voicemail to email, simplified call forwardings, IVR menu’s and easy to use ring groups are just a few of the endless possibilities.


What do you get for these € 14,99 per month?

  • 10 extensions (internal telephones)
  • Use them in maximum 3 fixed IP Phones & 7 softphones
  • 1 DID (normal Telephone number) in your area
  • Call forwardings, Ring Group & Welcome Message, voicemail to email
  • Holiday & Business Hours Routing
  • Simultaneous ringing of fixed IP / 3CX softphones & your mobile phone
  • Backups and failover in 3 datacenters (99,9% uptime)
  • Excluding call / forwarding costs to regular (mobile) phones
  • You control the entire 3CX yourself. Flexible & powerful configurations
  • eMail support
  • Basic setup (one time fee): € 39,-
  • Porting in of your existing DID (local telephone number): € 14,99
  • Invoiced at the end of each month (lease fee & calls)

The advantages of Hosted VoIP are clear:

  • no investments in your own exchange / hardware needed
  • no fixed lines and expensive contracts needed anymore
  • say goodbye to expensive updates (we take care of that)
  • new functionalities will grow with your needs / available on request
  • expansions / changes can be done instantly and remotely
  • The 3CX PBX is location independent (it works everywhere in the world)
  • backup of the configuration will be done in our datacenters automatically
  • the ability to instantly continue work on another location in case of fire, burglary or other calamities
  • take care of your callforwardings yourself (online or by phone)
  • calls between the extensions are free of charge
  • calls to normal, worldwide telephonenumbers are 50 – 90% cheaper than your current provider


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