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XeloQ SIP accountA personal SIP account is what you will need for all VoIP services that XeloQ IQ-Telephony delivers. Creating an account is your starting point so read all that is listed below very well.

XeloQ is a strictly prepaid based telephony service. Without credit no calls! Please refer to step 8 + 9 for payments into your account.

Follow the next steps for account creation, payments and calling.

  1. Check out our rates:  Click Here
  2. Create an account here (click Sign Up):
  3. Check the registration email sent to your email address. Check your SPAM box too!
  4. Confirm & enable your account by logging into your account on once! (read the mail that has been sent to you; that describes all steps to take)
  5. Download the XeloQ SoftPhone here or use your own VoIP hardware! 
  6. Configure the XeloQ SoftPhone or your SIP hardware with just these settings:

    SIP Account:   your unique 7xxxxx number

    Password:       the password you entered at sign up
    SIP domain:  (port 5060 or 6060 on nasty networks)
    (SIP domain is not required to fill out on the PC based XeloQ Softphone 3.0)
  7. Test the connection FIRST by calling number 900 (that is the echo test; test this before paying us!).
    Check the Support page for more information on how to configure VoIP products. 
  8. Pay us here: Click Here
  9. You can find your invoice online in your account.
  10. After we topped up your account with the money you paid us, you can make phone calls.
  11. Dial all numbers to the normal telephone-network as International numbers e.g. 0044238901271 or Mobile phones like 0044612345678.
  12. Optionally, you can buy a local or International DID / Telephone number so you can be reached from the normal telephone network or you can bring (port) your own telephone number to XeloQ. Click Here.

More help needed? Let us know through our Support form

Check the email that is sent to you after registration; it comes from XeloQ IQ-Telephony ( and ‘might’ end up in your SPAM box! That email contains important infomation on enabling your account and how to configure your SoftPhone or VoIP hardware!


By default, we limited the MAXIMUM simultaneous OUTBOUND calls to 1. If you need this to be expanded, use the support form to request for more channels. Mention your SIP account and the required extra channels.

CLI settings
XeloQ IQ-Telephony delivers outbound Caller Line Identification (CLI).
In the configuration of your SIP endpoint / IP Telephone, fill out the field called ‘Display name‘ (also called ‘Name’) with the number you would like to send along.
Use the number format like 0031xxxxxxx or 31xxxxxxxx (do not use +31xxxxxx) and it will be send out. When needed, use the support form to get more information on this. Mention your SIP account and describe your question.

This free service will be delivered on best effort. XeloQ IQ-Telephony can not guarantee the correct sendiing / delivery of this CLI to worldwide destinations and does not take any responsibility for the correct transfer of this CLI or incorrect delivery / sending. Any claim to XeloQ IQ-Telephony concerning the CLI will we waived and can not be discussed. Abuse of this field name with Premium rate numbers will be prosecuted so strictly use your company’s main telephone number(s) only. Officially, only a XeloQ assigned number is allowed to be used to send out as CLI.

Other Terms & Conditions
-No setup fee!
-No monthly fee!
-Free use of the XeloQ SoftPhone and XeloPhone applications
-Credit can be used with SoftPhones, IP phones, IP PBX-es with SIP trunks and VoIP gateways
-Minimum payment: € 5,- 
-Strictly Prepay
-After your payment has been received, we top up your account and you can start calling!
-No other hidden costs or investments! Send an email to if you still have questions.

Do not forget to read our disclaimer.