To print invoices for each payment to XeloQ Communications, follow these steps:

 Go into My Account at –> then go to Payments.

2.  There, just under all the Payment options you see a link to see all your payments. It says:

     To view your payments history and view / print your invoices, follow this link

3. Click that, choose the invoice you want to print; see picture below:
XeloQ Invoice -  Step 1 - choose the right invoice







Fill out your VAT percentage (0% or your VAT percentage) , address, ZIP code and City:

XeloQ Invoice - Step 2- add address and zip code





Then press Submit.If you want the invoice on your Company name, just change the NAME of your account (first name / last name) to match your company name first.

Then go back to the above screen and Submit it again.

 If you want to print, the invoice pops up (allow pop-ups in your browser):

XeloQ Invoice -  Step 3 - generated pop up invoice













Choose File, Print or press the Right mouse button and the Print (depending on browser).
Pressing CTRL-P might also open the Print dialog.

That’s all. Good luck!