In our vision, fixed line calling does not really exist anymore. These days, the calls travel across the Internet ending up on IP telephones, smart phones or remote telephone exchanges. As they replace your old ‘fixed telco land line’, for your understanding we still call this Fixed calling. 


Why would I use XeloQ as a replacement land line provider?

XeloQ VoIP Landline

Savings up to 90% are possible and you will get much more functionalities than you could ever dream of using your old landline. To make the switch to Internet based calling using XeloQ as your ‘VoIP based fixed landline provider and kicking out your traditional provider and old PBX, click on the right button above to start your journey. We will guide you through step by step. 

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Have lots of fun and savings with your new ‘fixed’ line.
Team XeloQ IQ-Telephony