Prepaid credit

Buy your Prepaid credit here
XeloQ Prepaid Credit Card

With XeloQ, you can only make or receive phone calls when there is money in your account.

No money = No calling.

Buy your Prepaid credit preferably from within your account using iDeal or PayPal (both instantly top ups). Otherwise use your bankMoneyBookers or your credit card. Follow the instructions below.

No contracts – pay as you go
We don’t do contracts neither have strict commitments. We believe that you choose XeloQ because of our qualitylow prices and excellent support. But, in the unlikely event that you don’t like us anymore, you are free to go…Of course we will do everything we can to keep you on board!

How does it work?
The amount you’ll pay us will be topped up in your SIP account. Those SIP accounts can be used in the XeloQ Softphones, IP Phones, for SIP trunks in IP Telephone exchanges, for Hosted VoIP and Mobile VoIP. Using the credit, you can make phone calls all over the world against our unbeatable rates. XeloQ IQ Telephony does not charge call setup fees.

Other costs and invoices
If you decide to buy a normal Telephone number or want to port your existing number(s) to XeloQ, the costs and recurring fees for those numbers will be charged against your calling credit. We just take that from your credit. After the top up has been done, the online invoice can be found in your account instantly. Any question about this? Just email to

Depending on your place of origin, 21% V.A.T. will be added to your payment. All amounts in your account are excluding V.A.T.

Pay directly from your account using iDeal (Dutch customers only)
For Dutch customers we got the iDeal payment option implemented in the SIP Account – login, go to the Payments screen and follow the instructions! You will find the iDeal button just underneath the PayPal button. The amount will be topped up instantly. Quickly, safe and easy as 1-2-3.
-no additional costs, minimum iDeal amount € 25,- and 21% V.A.T. when applicable.

Domestic (Dutch) bank transfers
Transfer your Prepaid amount to the following bank; this process can take up to 24 hours.

ING Bank account:       NL08INGB0005051539  /  XeloQ Communications, Hoofddorp.
Payment description:   Your XeloQ SIP Account number + email-address
-no additional costs, minimum amount € 5,- and 21% V.A.T. when applicable. 

International + EU Bank transfers
Transfer your Prepaid amount to the following bank; this process can take up to 72 hours.

Bank:                         ING Bank, The Netherlands
T.a.v.:                         XeloQ Communications  / account nr:  50 51 539
IBAN nr:                     NL08INGB0005051539
BIC / SWIFT code:     INGBNL2A

Payment description:  Your XeloQ SIP Account number + email-address
-no additional costs, minimum amount € 5,- and 21% V.A.T. when applicable. 

Address bank:
ING Bank
Bijlmerdreef 109
1102 BW Amsterdam / The Netherlands

Payments using PayPal
Login to your SIP Account , go to the Payments screen and fill out the PayPal amount on the top of that page and proceed by pressing the Pay using PayPal button. After finishing that process the paid amount (minus costs / V.A.T.) will be topped up automatically.
additional costs around 3%; minimum amount € 5,- and 21% V.A.T. when applicable. 

Can I use my Credit Card through PayPal, even if I got no PayPal account?
Yes. When you do not have a PayPal account, at Checkout, just choose the option: I do not have a PayPal account and I wish to pay by Credit Card. Then the next steps are self explaining. 

After finishing that process the paid amount (minus costs / V.A.T.) will be topped up automatically.
additional costs around 3%; minimum amount € 5,- and 21% V.A.T. when applicable.

Pay using your MoneyBookers / Skrill account
In MoneyBookers, send money to XeloQ’s MoneyBookers account: 

MoneyBookers costs:
4% transfer costs
21% V.A.T. (when applicable)
-After authorisation check we will top up the amount in your account. This is a manual process and can take up to 72 hours.


Manual PayPal payments terminated!
Because we now offer the automatic PayPal payment options to pay straight from your SIP account, we terminated the old, PayPal button payments.

This is much quicker, offers more convenience and is also 2% cheaper. Better for everyone!

Always read our complete terms & conditions before you make a payment. All prices on our website and in the systems are always excluding the 21% V.A.T.  – also read our disclaimer.