Hosted VoIP

Hosted VoIP – fixed or mobile calling using your ‘own’ telephone exchange in ‘The Cloud’

XeloQ Hosted VoIP

Get yourself a powerful and scalabe virtual telephone-exchange running in our strictly secured datacenters. Also known as Hosted PBX, Managed VoIP or telephony from ‘The Cloud’.  As soon as you make the switch to Hosted VoIP you will be freed from investments and expensive maintenance. And that is something most business owners will appreciate!

This will just cost you € 4,99 per month including 1 local telephone number! Read on!

Our Hosted VoIP is available for SOHO workers, small & medium business and enterprises with multiple offices and / or home workers. It is the next step up if you’d like to migrate from VoIP Lite when you’re looking for expanded functionalities our VoIP Lite service does not deliver. Another great thing is that internal calls are free of charge (even if the offices are spread across the country or continents).

Make and receive calls with a fixed IP Telephone or Softphone on PC, Mac or Smartphone. Voicemail to email, simplified call forwarding and easy to use hunt groups are just a few of the endless possibilities.

The advantages of Hosted VoIP are clear:

  • no investments in your own exchange needed
  • no fixed lines and expensive contracts needed anymore
  • say goodbye to expensive updates (we take care of that)
  • new functionalities will grow with your needs / available on request
  • expansions / changes can be done instantly and remotely
  • your Hosted PBX is location independent (it works everywhere in the world)
  • backup of the configuration will be done in our datacenters automatically
  • the ability to instantly continue work on another location in case of fire, burglary or other calamities
  • take care of your callforwardings yourself (online or by phone)
  • hunt groups, delayed forwarding, simultaniously ringing of internal extensions & cellular phones and voice mail to email
  • you’ll get this all for a very low monthly price of € 4,99 per extension / per month (including 1 telephone number from USA, Canada and most -but not all- European numbers) – ask us for details
  • calls between the extensions are free of charge
  • calls to normal, worldwide telephonenumbers are 50 – 90% cheaper than your current provider

Compared to other VoIP providers we are pretty open about the ‘disadvantages’:

  • the ‘real world’ maximum extensions is around 10 – 15 for each location. Above that, the monthly costs are considerably high compared to your own, on site IP PBX
  • if you like to manage the PBX yourself (creating / changing extensions, ring groups, routing of external (local or foreign) telephone numbers to different extensions etc…). At this moment we kept the functionaliteos of our Hosted PBX limited (see below).
  • if there is a need for integration with non-standard CRM/databases or other interconnects with internal systems
  • voice recording; better to use that on a local system especially with lots of recordings
  • when the business strategy / security policies disallow the use of an ‘external telephone system’

In all these cases we suggest using an onsite IP PBX which is already available as low as € 385,- in our webshop.

Ordering and terms & conditions of our Hosted VoIP



Our newest version Hosted VoIP 3.0 will be operational pretty soon! It will offer more functionalities than our current version. This will basically mean that -concerning functionalities- there is less need to invest in your own, onsite IP PBX.