International phone numbers (DID’s)

Order a local or International Telephone number (DID) – delivered to you SIP account
Please find all our local / international phone numbers in 145 countries (also known as DID’s or DDI’s) including monthly prices below and whether registration is needed or not. All numbers will be delivered to your SIP  account, SIP Trunk or IP address authenticated PBX. Tell us in the order form if you need IP Authentication for the DID. We offer that for free.

  • FInd the order form & all registration terms below the DID country list please!
  • New Dutch telephone numbers and porting for Dutch numbers all the way below

Prices and setup / monthly charges:

  • Setup price:  one time the monthly list price (taken from your balance)
  • Monthly price is in € (EUR) and charged against your prepaid balance
    NOTE: Depending in the country you need a DID for, an inbound / per minute fee could be charged. We will inform you by email after we received your order form!
  • Toll Free numbers are based on an additional prepaid balance – ask for details
  • When the balance in your account drops below 0, no incoming / outgoing calls possible
  • The monthly fee includes unlimited incoming calls without extra charge (unless stated)
  • Each International DID comes with 2 incoming channels by default
    (additional channels will cost € 16,99 for each extra channel / per month)
  • Each Dutch DID (The Netherlands) comes with 1 incoming channel
    (additional channels will cost € 2,79 for each extra channel / per month)

Available countries

Country Monthly price Registration Toll Free
  (in EUR) needed available
Algeria 9,99 No Yes
Argentina 5,99 No Yes
Armenia 22,99 No No
Australia 5,99 No Yes
Austria 5,99 Yes Yes
Bahrain 11,99 No Yes
Belarus 19,99 No Yes
Belgium 5,99 Yes Yes
Brazil 5,99 No Yes
Bulgaria 5,99 No Yes
Canada 5,99 No Yes
Chile 7,99 No Yes
China 13,99 Yes Yes
Colombia 15,99 No Yes
Costa Rica 6,99 Yes Yes
Croatia 5,99 No Yes
Cyprus 8,99 No Yes
Czech Republic 5,99 No Yes
Denmark 5,99 No Yes
Dominican Republic 5,99 No Yes
El Salvador 8,99 No Yes
Estonia 5,99 No Yes
Finland 5,99 No Yes
France 5,99 Yes Yes
Georgia 11,99 No Yes
Germany 5,99 Yes Yes
Greece 5,99 Yes Yes
Hong Kong 9,99 Yes Yes
Hungary 5,99 Yes Yes
Ireland 5,99 Yes Yes
Israel 5,99 No Yes
Italy 5,99 Yes Yes
Japan 8,99 Yes Yes
Kazakhstan 13,99 Yes Yes
Latvia 5,99 No Yes
Liechtenstein 5,99 No Yes
Lithuania 5,99 No Yes
Luxembourg 5,99 No Yes
Malaysia 9,99 Yes Yes
Malta 5,99 Yes Yes
Mexico 7,99 No Yes
Netherlands 4,49 Yes Yes
New Zealand 5,99 No Yes
Nigeria 9,99 No Yes
Norway 5,99 No Yes
Panama 9,99 No Yes
Peru 5,99 No Yes
Poland 5,99 No Yes
Portugal 5,99 Yes Yes
Puerto Rico 11,99 No Yes
Romania 5,99 No Yes
Russian Federation 7,99 Yes Yes
Serbia 6,99 Yes Yes
Singapore 5,99 Yes Yes
Slovakia 5,99 No Yes
Slovenia 5,99 No Yes
South Africa 5,99 No Yes
Spain 5,99 No Yes
Sweden 5,99 No Yes
Switzerland 5,99 Yes Yes
Thailand 8,99 No Yes
Turkey 17,99 Yes Yes
Ukraine 13,99 Yes Yes
United Kingdom 5,99 No Yes
United States 5,99 No Yes
Venezuela 15,99 No Yes

When registration for the DID is needed – we want you to provide the following!

Many countries have a strict regulation policy where the DID carrier needs your registration. When you order a telephone number in any of the countries that demands registration, we need the following information from you:

Local country / area code telephone number registration – things needed:

  1. Name, business name (if applicable) and contact phone number
  2. Passport or ID copy
  3. Current address in ‘Country’ matching the area code of the ordered DID
    (if you order a number in Paris, France then all need to correspond with the address in Paris)
  4. Proof of address. This could be a copy of an utility bill; however please note that the document:
    * should be no older than of 6 months
    * should be addressed to the same customer, whom you have indicated earlier
    * should necessarily include customer’s address

 We will get back to you on EMAIL to ask for the needed forms if applicable.

Ordering your international DID
Fill out the form below, make sure there is enough balance in your account and we will get back to you as soon as possible to inform the city / area code you are ordering the DID is available and in case not, to offer you an alternative DID.
In like 20 countries we are able to PORT your existing number to XeloQ. Just tick the appropriate check-box in the order form if you wish to receive a quote to port your number. Then we will get back to you.

Request form International number

With this form you order a (inter)national DID and you agree to all terms, prepayment and sending in all needed forms (if applicable).

    By agreeing you will fully accept all of XeloQ IQ-Telephony's Terms & Conditions which you can find on our website.
  • Fill out the country for which you'd like to request a telephone number / DID (check the list above).
  • Fill out the city / area for which you'd like to request a telephone number / DID
  • Fill out the area code you'd like to have.
    When you order a telephone number in any of the countries that demands registration, we need a copy of an ID and address proff from you. We will get back to you on this by email.
  • Tell us how many numbers you need. Each number comes with 2 incoming channels (except Dutch numbers).
  • We forward the DID to your SIP account. Please tell us which account that is. If you do not have one, create that first. Take a look at My XeloQ on the top of each page for the steps to take.
  • Each number comes with 2 incoming channels (except Dutch numbers). Tell us if you need more channnels and how many that would be. Each extra channel (more than 2) will cost € 16,99 per channel / per month. For Dutch DID's we have other prices. Check the Dutch pages for that.

Dutcn / The Netherlands new number or porting forms
-Order form for a NEW Dutch number – click here  (Dutch page)
-Order form for a Dutch porting – click here   (Dutch page)


Disclaimer on DID’s
XeloQ makes every reasonable effort to ensure the accuracy and validity of the information provided on this page. However, as policies, price points, dates, conditions, and information are continually changing, XeloQ reserves the right to change any of them at any time without notice, information contained on this page and makes no warranties or representations as to its accuracy. Terms and conditions are as per XeloQ’s regular Terms & Conditions. Also read our normal disclaimer.