Fighting #VoIP #fraud Part 2: false #Ukash transactions with incorrect #SIP prepaid amounts! – do not deliver your services!

Dear customers,


Take a look at the false Ukash transaction below. We receive MANY of these incorrect transactions from a person named ‘Gera Borok’ (registered on our system from Germany) using email address: gbodok1 . Most possibly both name + email address are false. A Google search leads back to some Russian sites.

What they do is this (mail from the Ukash Fraud Prevention Team):

#### Beginning of mail from Ukash ####

Thanks for your email

These type of transactions are indicative of the way criminals try and break the audit trail and are usually associated with money laundering. The criminals would try and redeem transactions for small amounts with a merchant ( usually less than €1) in an attempt to get a change voucher. They believe this action would hide the audit trail so that the new change vouchers is not connected to the original fraud. The minimum spend of € 12.50 which you have in place should protect you from these types of transactions.

Under no circumstances should you accept these redemptions. The accounts into which the small transactions amounts were going to be loaded should be classified as suspicious and should be investigated as well. It is possible that these account holders are connected to a to money laundering scheme. If you have any information on the these account holder, it would be very useful if you can pass this information to our investigators. Information such as verified name and address will be very helpful in preventing this from re-occurring

#### End of mail from Ukash ####

Now here is such a ‘false transaction’: (we do NOT sell SIP amounts of 10 or 50 cents at all!)

è So be careful and always check the Ukash transaction thoroughly before you top up or deliver goods / services to your customers!

If you have more information that you which to share with us, feel free to comment.

Thank you!

Team XeloQ IQ-Telephony

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