How to download & configure the XeloPhone #VoIP Softphone on your iPhone / iPad / iPod. Read our blog now ( #iOS #Apple)

Installation and configuration of the XeloPhone for iPhone / iPad / iPod on XeloQ’s VoIP system

Our own iOS based XeloPhone is here!

Here’s how to install and configure this great, free VoIP Soft Phone. Savings up to 90% are possible using your SmartPhone and bypass your regular Mobile subscription plan.

If you want to control Advanced Settings, also follow the steps from Step 5 and onwards.
But, to make the XeloPhone work with your XeloQ VoIP account, Steps 1 – 4 are enough.

Just follow the steps below and you are ready to go.

Step 1: get an account at our system – click HERE and pay for it (click HERE)
You can also automatically pay with PayPal from your account at the Payments screen.

Step 2: get the XeloPhone from the App Store and install it: click HERE

Step 3: configure just 2 basic settings (username + password) using the screen prints below (at Step 4 it will register).

First, at your iPhone or iPad go to Settings and choose XeloPhone; you will see the next screens:

Click on Account. After that you will see this:

Fill out your account + password (see the registration email).
These are the basic settings that are enough to make the XeloPhone work.

Step 4:
Leave settingsand restart the XeloPhone. It will now show Registered.

These settings are enough to make it work but the geeks amongst us wish to tune the XeloPhone to make it work on Low Bandwidth networks as well.

Making phone calls:

If there is credit on your account, you can make phone calls using the International format e.g. 003123890127 or 0031612345678
Just enter the phone number and press the green telephone button. You call will be setup now.

More information; check our support pages.


You can control the way the XeloPhone works on 3G or WiFi networks (or both). Set it like this:

Step 6 – Codec Settings
For low bandwidth networks, use g729 or iLBc codecs; see the next picture.

Step 7 – Video Codec Settings
If you do NOT use video calling (only possible between 2 XeloPhones) just turn OFF all video-codecs. See the next picture.

That’s basically all. Enjoy our services and savings up to 90% are now possible using your SmartPhone and you will bypass your regular telco.

Kind regards,

XeloQ Support Team

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