A complete ‘HOW TO’ guide to use your SmartPhone to make International VoIP Calls using XeloQ and save up to 90% in costs

Use your Mobile / SmartPhone and call using our VoIP system!

We believe in Mobile VoIP. As the first and oldest Dutch VoIP providers we strongly sense new trends. One of them is use your Mobile phone in many ways you could not foresee a few years ago. One of those innovations is to use you SmartPhone and call using your WiFi, 3G or UMTS connection.

XeloQ now offers you the possibility to use that internet connection on your Smartphone and any of the listed SoftPhones below and make worldwide phone calls.

Because you by-pass the mobile roaming you will save up to 90% and you will save minutes of your mobile subscription bundle!

XeloQ Communications offers Mobile VoIP solutions for:

-iPhone 3 + 4 / iPad / iPod
-Android phones (Samsung, Nexus One, HTC Desire)
-Windows Mobile phones
-Symbian Based phone (Nokia, LG, Samsung)

Quickly browse to our Website and read the complete HOW TO guide now!

Very soon we will have our own free, branded SoftPhones for all SmartPhones but until that time, enjoy the SoftPhones below together with your XeloQ SIP Account and enjoy huge savings!

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Have a nice day!
XeloQ Communications Internet Telephony.

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