What is XeloQ Mobile Calling?
You can use your Smart Phone to make phone calls using your 3G/4G or WiFi Internet connection using the XeloPhone app.and save up to 90%! Make local or mobile calls, call internationally and reach any normal or mobile telephone.

In fact it is just the same and as easy as calling using your mobile phone without using your normal calling plan. So you save those precious (and expensive) minutes of your calling plan in case you really need them (when there is no Internet connection)

Using your mobile in this way you save up to 90% on your calls.

Why would you start calling through XeloQ?
Your normal mobile provider charges you a call-setup fee of 7,5 or 10 cents on each call no matter if you call 1 second or 10 minutes. It’s like taking a taxi. They already charge you without having riding a single foot.
Besides those costs you pay 10 cents or more per minute and when you call pre paid those charges can go up to 30 cents per minute!  Maybe that is the reason you’re not making many telephone calls anymore right?

Even when you have a calling plan with, say, 200 minutes per month…did you ever check what the costs are per minute when your monthly minutes are spent? That can be like 25 – 30 cents per minute! That surely doesn’t make you happy does it?

XeloQ is going to make you happy again!
So, so yourself a favor and start calling using your SmartPhone using a XeloQ account and a small pre-paid amount. You will save the minutes of your calling plan and just start the XeloPhone as soon as you got a WiFi or 3G connection.

What will that cost using XeloQ?
Calls to normal landline phones will be like 1 cent per minute and mobile calls (depending on the country where you use it) will start from like 2 cents per minute.
And we do NOT charge any call setup fee. Ever. International calling will save up to 90%
That sounds good doesn’t it?

Ready to start using our Mobile VoIP?
Good choice, download the XeloPhone app, create an account, pay a small prepaid amount (€ 5,-) and start calling! Click on the right button below and get started to make very cheap phone calls to your sister, mother, friend or business partner. Yes, you can use it in your business as well. Same as we at XeloQ do each and every day…


And the best part;  calling from XeloPhone to XeloPhone is completely free of charge.

And you gotta admit it…using Facebook Messenger, Hangouts or WhatsApp is fun, but having a real telephone call is always much better!

Any questions? Use the chat below or send an email to

Have lots of fun on saving and enjoy the XeloPhone app.
Team XeloQ IQ-Telephony