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Do you have any clue what a SIP trunk is and what you can do with it?

Most of the companies using IP PBX systems, still use the traditional landlines while you can SIP trunk to XeloQ and save on landline costs, calling costs and have the ability to get telephone-numbers from more than 60 countries delivered to you phone system.

Here are a few of the Certified IP PBX manufacturers that XeloQ can SIP trunk from:

Why isn’t everybody aware of this? Is it lack of knowledge? Do people not trust VoIP connections? Are they scared of it?

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Why still using PSTN lines while you can use SIP Trunks? (and save up to 90% on your calling costs)

Most of the companies deploying VoIP solutions like IP PBX systems still use an ISDN (E1 / T1) connection to the traditional telephone network to terminate (or originate) their calls.

Why? This is not only more expensive looking purely at the calling rates but also the high investments in landlines should not be overlooked. There is a very good alternative which most people are not aware of.

Bringing a SIP Trunk in place (which is part of any IP PBX like Asterisk, AXEOS, 3CX, pbxnsip, ShoreTel and many other free or commercial IP PBX solutions) saves you directly on all of this.

Savings up to 90% on telephone calls are possible and getting rid of your landlines saves another great sum of money. You can always keep a few of your current ISDN / T1 lines for backup / fallback but like 75% of the current landlines can be terminated.

Now you want to know more about this? Contact XeloQ Communications today and we can tell you exactly how to do this!

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