Hosted PBX feature * codes

Hosted PBX – the feature codes   (the so called * codes)
Use the * codes below to control the call forwarding and voicemail settings of your Hosted PBX extensions. They need to be entered physically on the IP telephone for that extension.

It is more convenient to use the web based settings. Easier and can be done remotely. 
If you still want to use the hosted PBX feature (*) codes, please find the list below. Enter them on each individual phone.

Code         Action                     Description   

*72             Call Forward All     Activate call forwarding for all incoming calls / unconditional  
                                                  *72*0031238745214 (activates Call Forwarding to number 
*73             Call Forward All     De-activate call forwarding for all incoming calls /
*75             Set CallerID           *75*02389xxxxxx  (example to set outgoing CLI)
*76             Remove CallerID    Remove CLI; it shows nothing anymore
*78             DND Activate          Do not Disturb setting; Activate 
*79             DND Deactivate      Do not Disturb setting; De-activate 
*97             My Voicemail          Go directly to your voicemail on your OWN IP phone
                                                    (enter password)  / change welcome message / listen
                   In your voicemail:  1 to listen to messages, 2 to save messages, 
                                                   7 to delete messages.  Press 5 for Advanced menu options
*98             Dial Voicemail         Dial into your voicemail from another Hosted PBX extension 
                                                    (enter password) and change welcome message / listen
**1001       Remote Pickup        Remotely pickup of another extension in the same ring group 
                                                    When dialing **1001 (from ext. 1000 or another) will pick up
                                                    the call made to 1001. And so on **1002 will pick up 1002 etc.

*99*0031   Localize PSTN dial-out number from your phone (setting your CLI).
                    Put here the country code so you only have to dial the area-code plus number to 
                    dial out.  
                    Example:   put *99*0031. In this example the Country Code is 31.  
                    To reach the number 0031238744521 you now can dial 0238744521 like you are used to
                    with your traditional Telco. 
*9996          Echo test               Anything you say will be repeated back to you to test the latency

Note on Voice Mail
The forwarding to Voice mail (to email) is currently set by our support-department if you have chosen to havenon answered calls to be forwarded to your voicemail box (this is done at setup of your Hosted PBX).

This can be overruled by any the call-forward settings mentioned above. 

Simply put: if you have setup Voicemail to email on and you choose to have a call forwarding to any other number, the voicemail recording will be overruled.

When you de-activate the Call Forwarding again, non answered calls will flow to voice mail again.

Entering your password in the voicemail – here is how to use numbers only!
At setup, we use very secure passwords on your extensions. These often contain a combination of numbers, letters and characters. 

Obviously, you can not enter this in your telephone as PIN code. That is why we offer you this tool to convert the alpha-numeric password to a numeric value.

Click here:

After that, use the numeric values as voicemail password in your IP Telephone.

Still questions? Ask them through our support form and we will guide you through!