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XeloQ VoIP Support
If you’d like to report a problem or have any question for our support department, please fill out the form below after you checked the support pages first. To speed up this process we only accept support questions using the form.

Whenever there is a need for other forms of communication like email or telephone, we inform you after we’ve received your support-request. 

 Steps to take:

  1. Always take a look at our Support pages and our VoIP Blog first.
  2. When that does not help you, fill out the form below.
  3. Finally, if you really can not solve all the issues you experience yourself, why don’t you buy yourself a
    1 hour remote support-package? We will solve most VoIP / network issues within the hour. To buy it, click here!


XeloQ Support Form

  • The name which you used when signing up the SIP account. This can be your personal or business name.
  • The valid email address you used in your account or the one you can be reached on.
  • The SIP account you are using and have a question about. That is the 7xxxxx number.
  • The name of the reseller system your SIP Account is running on (if you don't know choose option 1).
  • After creation of your SIP account, did you login at and enabled the account? If not, do that first and see if all is working (check your email SPAM box to find the registration email if you did not receive that yet).
  • Did you already pay us / pay again and is there actually enough money IN your account? Without or with too little funds you can not make any phone call. So check that first!
  • When you bought a regular telephone number from us that ends up on your SIP account, please tell which number this is. Use the International format like 0044xxxx or 001xxxx
  • When you got a Hosted VoIP / Free Hosted PBX from XeloQ, please tell us the domain name you have a question about. That looks like
  • When you got a Hosted VoIP / Free Hosted PBX from XeloQ, please tell us the extension number(s) you have a problem with (1000, 1001, etc...)
  • Ask your question or try to inform us as good as possible concerning your problem. Tell us the brand / type of the IP telephone, IP PBX, softphone, used Smartphone app (and the model / type of your smartphone) and a detailed problem description. Is the problem that occurs on different connections identical, is your account registered twice, which codec do you use (g711 / g729), whether you make calls from your smartphone using the XeloPhone app, what is the 3G / 4G bandwidth etc…

More help needed?
If you have still any more questions after consulting all support pages and our Blog, just let us know by returning the email we will send you after your support-request or through the Live Chat below on each webpage (only on availability of our employees). 

Want to buy a 1 hour remote support package?
If you really can not solve all the issues you experience on your local network and your VoIP equipment yourself, why don’t you buy yourself a 1 hour remote support-package? We just charge € 50,- for 1 hour and we will solve most VoIP / network issues within that hour. To buy it, click here!

Last but not least try our Facebook page & chat at – we might be able to help you there as well.

We’re here to help you!

Take care.
Support Team XeloQ IQ-Telephony