XeloQ introduces a new, live Information Panel; live twitter feeds and direct access to our social networks (…and get some free credit if you follow us!)

XeloQ Communications Information Panel – Stay Tuned!
In the exiting world of Internet Telephony there are many things going on. Too much for one brain to take and to stay informed…you might agree on this. So we will help you stating informed.

We opened a live Information Panel; stay up-to-date with latest VoIP news, XeloQ’s new products & services and other interesting news.

So, bookmark this page:
www.XeloQ.eu and visit it from time to time!

We are also active on all famous social networks like Facebook, Hyves Google Buzz and Twitter, we opened a YouTube channel and stay up the par with our always fresh Weblog!

Click on the picture below or follow this link.

You are all invited to follow us on Twitter, become a Hyves friend, a Facebook fan or a Blogger!

Any more good news?

YES! Every 25th new follower that follows us on twitter will receive € 5,- extra calling credit for free!
Ain’t live sweet !

* This limited offer is for XeloQ’s end-users only and not meant for current XeloQ Communications’ resellers or their customers.
Tell us your
SIP account and every 25th user will receive the free credit in his SIP account. This offer is non-negotiable and any questions about it will be ignored. Existing twitter followers are excluded from this deal.

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