A new era has arrived. The traditional telecom operators and their limited ways of communications can be considered as ancient history. Good that you’ve found XeloQ!

We are here to help you to make the switch to a new way of communication that meets todays demands.
Internet telephony is being used by hundreds of millions of people and businesses worldwide. XeloQ is in this exciting business since 2002, many years before other providers started doing this.
And we do this with lots of positive energy, fun and persuasion.

In our global journey through more than 90 countries we and our 120+ branded resellers learned quite a bit. We’d like to share this extended knowledge and experience on VoIP and Internet Telephony technology with you.

Not only by giving you up to 90% savings on your telephone bill but also to let you communicate in a smarter way.  We offer this to consumers, (SOHO) businesses, enterprise customers and our partners.

XeloQ IQ-Telephony offers you state of the art communications -our so called XeloPhony– but in a way that suits your needs: PHONE YOUR OWN WAY.