Prices and request form for Hosted VoIP

Order your Hosted PBX here – migrate from VoIP Lite
Our Hosted VoIP is an extension of our VoIP Lite service. It works with the same basic SIP account (that is your 
7xxxxx number).  That’s why we ask for that account in the order-form. It also needs to be enabled and should hold enough funds for setup of your Hosted PBX. 

Carefully read all information below and fill out the order form when you’re ready for it.


    • setup costs: € 17,50 per Hosted PBX domain  (= 1 Hosted PBX with ‘x‘ extensions)  
      (this includes setup of ring groups, weblogin and other default settings – see below)
    • mothly costs: € 4,99 per extension / per month (including 1 telephone number from USA, Canada and most -but not all- European numbers) – ask us for details
    • new number setup:  € 10,-  (for most numbers; details will be in the response-email)
    • extra channels € 2,50 per line / per month (Dutch numbers only / 1 line default)
    • extra channels other numbers  € on request – ask us for details
      (all non-Dutch numbers come with 2 channels by default)
    • purchase costs IP telephone:  starting as low as € 49,- in our webshop
    • porting (keep your own number) – Dutch number: € 15,- per number (one time)
      Other numbers:  on request – ask us for details

If you like to have a combination with several numbers / channels, just tell us exactly in the form below and we will offer you a tailored quote.

Payments and terms

  • payment of setup Hosted PBX, porting or new numbers on prepaid base from your account balance and prior for setup. This will be taken from your default XeloQ SIP account (so take care of enough balance)
  • purchase costs IP telephone: through our webshop – configuration per phone € 10,-
    (if you configure / purchase the phone yourself there is no need to pay for this)
  • calls will be paid from your main SIP account (the 7xxxxx number)
  • recurring fee of € 4,99 per extension / per month (including 1 telephone number from USA, Canada / Europe) will be taken automatically from your account balance
  • the standard setup will include voice mail (to email), call transfer, call forwarding, follow me, ring groups, music on hold
  • changes after setup:  € 2,50 per IP phone / extension (through your account balance)
  • you can change forwardings, CLI and voice mail settings through the web interface

  • IVR menu’s (press 1 for sales, 2 for support etc.)
    No monthly costs. One time setup € 10,-
    (send us the WAV files by email; we will instruct you in our email responses)
  • ACD Helpdesk queue
    Monthly costs: € 5,-. One time setup € 10,-


Ordering Hosted VoIP

During the ordering process you’ll take the next steps:

  • You will tell us your current SIP account (e.g. 700200).
    If you don’t have one yet, create one here.
  • Make sure you paid enough money into your account; do that using PayPal or iDeal.
  • After that, you give us your OK to order the Hosted VoIP – we will respond on your order by email.
  • Last step is to order an IP Phone (unless you already have one) or use our Softphone.(hardware can be found at the bottom of this page or visit our webshop)

Request form Hosted VoIP

Fill out this form as detailed as possible. Make sure you've got an enabled SIP account holding enough funds. If you would like to port your existing number(s) please announce this in the form and we will tell you the next steps. Any other question: just let us know in the form field at the bottom. Thank you!

  • The complete company name you want to register the Hosted PBX and SIP account on.
  • Your personal or company address.
  • Your valid email address on which your SIP account is registered on. We only use this email address to communicate with you so make sure it always works.
  • When you migrate from VoIP Lite to Hosted VoIP we need your existing SIP Account (that is your 7xxxxx number). All calls and monthly fees will be charged against this SIP account so it always needs positive balance. If you do not have such a SIP account CREATE that first at the My XeloQ page on this website.
  • Tell us the telephone number you would like to port to XeloQ so incoming calls to this number will come in to your Hosted PBX. To port a Dutch number we charge you a one time € 15,- If you want this we will reply to you with a link to our online porting form. For all other (foreign) numbers we will get back to you on email. If porting is not possible we advise you to order a new number.
  • I would like to order a new number. I will fill out the country and area number of the wanted number. After we received the form, we will get back to you with a link to the New Number Order Form page.
  • Tell us the number of extensions needed. Each extension will cost € 4,99 per extension / per month including a Dutch, USA, UK or another (but not all) European telephone number. In case you would like multiple telephone numbers for your Hosted PBX we will get back to you with a tailored quote. Just mention that in the form field below.
  • By default, each extension has 1 normal telephone number & 1 incoming channel except all non Dutch telephone numbers; they have 2 channels. If you would like to have this changed tell us. E.g.: you can have 4 incoming lines / on 1 telephone number or 6 extensions with 3 incoming lines. We will get back to you with a detailed quote.
  • Tell us if you would like to have a ring group. All extensions in a ring group will ring when the external, local telephone number has been called. Numbers NOT in the ring group will not ring. Most customers would like all the extensions assigned in the ringgroup. Hosted PBX extensions always start at 1000. If you have special wishes tell us in the form field below.
  • Some customers already have their own IP Telephone(s) or will use the VoIP ports on their ADSL modem. Others would like to order them from our webshop. You can order them and configure them yourself or we will do this for you. At the time the Hosted PBX is ready your preconfigured phones will arrive at your office. We communicate about this all through email.
    As soon as you agreed and ordered the Hosted PBX we will get back to you by email to get things started.
    Please agree with all our terms & conditions. They can be found at our Contact page. When all is agreed on and received, our sales team will get back to you on email as soon as possible.

Ordering an IP Telephone?
We offer different brands and types of IP Phones. Check them in our webshop.

Telephones from TipTel, Yealink, Snom, Aastra, LinkSys, Cisco, Gigaset IP DECT and Grandstream will do fine. If you want to make calls using a Softphone (on your PC. Mac or Smartphone) then that is possible. Click here.

Terms & Conditions for Hosted VoIP
Before you order make sure to carefully read all our terms & conditions and our disclaimer.