Landline calling (VoIP Lite)

VoIP Lite – XeloQ’s Skype – use it at the home or on your Smartphone

XeloQ-VoIP-Vaste-lijn-Fixed-line-LandlineMost people just wanna save money on their long distance and international calls. We offer our ‘easy to use’ VoIP Lite to give you exactly that. Replace your landline and save up to 90% with ease of use. Just like Skype but then better and cheaper. And we keep it simple as well.

What is VoIP Lite? 
As said, a phone service similar to Skype. Get your own SIP Account, prepay us and start making phone calls on your Softphone, IP Phone or Smartphone using our XeloPhone app (we call that Mobile VoIP).

No contracts – pay as you go
We don’t do contracts neither have strict commitments. We believe that you choose XeloQ because of our quality, low prices and excellent support. But, in the unlikely event that you don’t like us anymore, you are free to go…Of course we will do everything we can to keep you on board! 

You would like to have more than VoIP Lite?
If you like to have more juice than our VoIP LIte, just move up to Free Hosted PBX or get your own IP PBX. You can scale up and keep your SIP account, balance and phone number.
Just the way you like it: PHONE YOUR OWN WAY.

Ready to get started? Follow the next steps.
Everything starts with:

  1. creating your personal account.
  2. prepay us for your account balance
  3. configure your Softphone or IP Telephone (buy that in our Webshop)
  4. start making cheap calls!

Optional: buy a local or international telephone number (or port your own number to XeloQ).

More questions? Send an email to or ask us anything you wish in the Live Chat below.