Troubleshooting Tip: what do to when your #Asterisk or #3CX PBX #SIP Trunk does not register at the XeloQ SIP servers?

It is always nice to help out a customer quickly on the phone.

There was a problem on a 3CX PBX. It did not register at our servers. The account itself was fine. We tested it quickly with eyeBeam overhere and on a separate PC at the customer in Malta. That all worked fine, registered and we could make phone calls.

This directly tells us that the Interconnect to the XeloQ SIP servers is fine as well as the customers’ LAN, DSL / Internet connection and firewall. So within 10 minutes we determined the issue was in the PC running 3CX. Possibly a reboot solves all.

So remember when there is a problem with your IP PBX, just quickly use the Trunk account in a Softphone to see if the account and the Internet connection to the XeloQ servers are fine. Then go from there to isolate the problem.

XeloQ fully supports SIP Trunks using the following IP PBX brands:

VoIP-leveranciers - small

If you’re still stuck, just give us a call on +31-23-8901271 or send an email to Have a nice day!

Team XeloQ IQ-Telephony

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